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Friday, October 14th, 2005

Time:7:54 pm.
Does anyone want gmail cuz I have like 99 invites to give. Let me know your current email if you want one...
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Monday, August 1st, 2005

Subject:BI SUCKAS!
Time:2:30 am.
I'm goin to Blck Island tomarrow.. or technically today... until the 12th so I probably won't be on here. <3 you all!
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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Subject:For fun
Time:8:41 pm.
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Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Subject:too funny...
Time:3:16 pm.

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You actually call it LJ and not Livejournal. Check.

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You consider it a great offense if someone deletes you off their friend's list.

The first thing you do every day when you go online is check your friends journals - even before checking your email.

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

Subject:The excitement continues...
Time:12:42 am.
So the yrbook trip was a blast. The classes were pretty pointless except for the ones were we actually used the software and I got to go online. ecause of this, Kim and I skipped alot of classes. They tire you out! It was basically school from 10-8 on the 1st day and from 8-4 the 2nd day. Granted, there was like an hour of lunch but w/e. The 2nd day we were forced to skip a class just so I could take a nap!
But now for the good stuff... The dorm was pretty cool and Kim and I were put with these really cool girls from Norwalk. I found it funny since I come from a practically 0 diversity school and I was the only white girl in the room. The advisor for the Norwalk kids, who was awesome and happens to be the mother of a girl at our school, was shocked looking through the Foran yrbook when I pointed out that fact lol. Anyways, they were cool.
On the 1st day, after skipping a class to play cards and call ppl back at the room, we realized it was raining but had to get to the cafe for lunch across campus. As we were running, we met these other girls also on their way to lunch. We talked to them and agreed we should meet up later.. maybe have some sort of party that night (and I of course dropped the fact it was my bday) and were thinking about how we could sneak to diff dorms. Then Kim and I went to sit with our roommates. There wre 2 room mates who always seemed to go off together so when they went off during lunch, none of us really noticed. When Kim and I returned to the room later, we discovered that they had pulled a prank on us! Kim and I left our room unlocked since i couldnt figure out how the stupid thing worked. They took my deck of cards and spread them all over the common room, took my stuff and put it on Kim's bed and put Kim's stuff on my bed and a chair on top of my pillow on Kim's bed then moved things around. Needless to say,I imediately set out to learn how to work the lock. We also stacked chairs in front of their door.
Anyways, at one point while we walked to the next class with 2 of our roommates, a photographer came by and took pics of us as a group and individually. i thought nothing of it.
That night at 8, there was this fun presentation with all old yearbook goof-ups. At one point, they were mentioning recnt things in the news and they show a picture of that run away bride girl (you know, the one with the huge eyes) and hen say "And she has some relatives here on campus" they show this one girl with exaggeratedly huge eyes and then another with the same thing... who looked oddly familiar.. then I realized it was me!!! The next day I would get a thing of lollipops and a CD for being a good sport about it lol. After the presentation was a huge all over campus scavenger hunt. My group was mostly girls and one guy (most cheated to get in the group with their friends) We had huge amounts of fun and talked and all, even though we didn't in. Afterwards there was an ice cream social where I met up with Kim and met a guy from her group from Cape Cod.
Finally, Kim and headed off to the dorms, getting lost at 1st. We dropped our stuff off and went up to the girls' room that we had met earlier, expecting we'd be bringing them down to our dorm. We knock on the door and the girls frommy scavenger hunt group open the door! We're all confused and I'm like "We were looking for Alexandria and all..." And they invite us in and sure enough, they're all rooming together! So, even though lights out was supposidely at 12, we stayed until like 2 playing Cranium and having a huge blast! Twice there was a knock on the door and Kim and I flipped out and hid in a closet but once was another student and the other time the person was just saying to quiet down. Finally, Kim, me, and this oher girl all sneeked out.. we walked the other girl to her dorm since she hadnt even met her room mates yet. Then we went to ours and played cards (BS) with 3 of our room mates then Kim and I went toour room, talked, and fell asleep.

So, it was definately an exciting 2 days... and not a bad 17th bday.

But the fun only got better on July 2nd.. more to come on that later...
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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Subject:My last day of 16-dom comes to a close..
Time:9:33 pm.
So, my birthday is tomarrow. I get to get up at 5:30, leave by 6:30 and take a drive up to Bryant College in RI where I will be staying overnight in the dorms with only one girl there I know and learn about the software for the yearbook. Yah, anyone buying a yearbook next year, you better thank me for sacrificing my birthday to bring you a better yearbook! (jk.. well sort of) The worst part is that Justin was supposed to come but didn't get a spot. So, I won't be able to talk to any of my friends.. or bf.. on my birthday. it sucks like a plundger (lmao). I can't seem to get a hold of Shannon tonight and Justin is working until 11 and i'm being forced to go to bed at 10.. though I might stretch that by still packing. Oh well, I'll have plenty of time for celebrating when I get back and will be able to hang with Justin at Shannon's party... which is supposidely an out of school/4th of july/my bday party. Let the excitement begin!
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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Subject:EEEEEK! OMG!!!!!
Time:11:06 pm.
hehe.. I'd definately give today about a million stars :D
What makes an AWESOME day? Well, I shall tell you...
+Last day of school
+Mucho fun on the last day
+Talking to Justin on the phone
+getting asked out by Justin
+Going out to dinner and walking down on the boardwalk in West Haven
+Seeing Batman Begins and seeing Shannon and Anthony there.
+Making date/ miniture golf plans for tomarrow
+Oh, and did I happen to mention... I HAVE A BOYFRIEND?

Yah, school out and the bf thing haven't fully sunken in yet... I think I'm still in shock... but a very Happy shock.

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Time:11:13 pm.
*Xtreme Happiness!!!*

omg.. oMg.. OmG.. OMG!!!!

hehe... I told Justin I like him and he told me he likes me too!!!

*is in heaven*

Can't wait for the yrbook trip... a whole overnight trip for us to hang out! *sigh* I hope everything works out :D
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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Subject:SO TRUE!!!
Time:10:52 pm.
LJ Tree Spirits

find your birthday:
> > > >> Jun 04 to Jun 13 - Hornbeam Tree
> > > >> Jun 14 to Jun 23 - Fig Tree ((thehermit))
> > > >> Jun 24 (only) - Birch Tree
> > > >> Jun 25 to Jul 04 - Apple Tree
> > > >> Jul 05 to Jul 14 - Fir Tree
> > > >> Jul 15 to Jul 25 -Elm Tree ***((SYZMOTION-July 15th))***
> > > >> Jul 26 to Aug 04 - Cypress Tree

Tree Spirit in alphabetical order:

Apple Tree (Love) -- quiet and shy at times, lots of charm,
> > > >> appeal, and attraction, pleasant attitude, flirtatious smile,
> > > >> adventurous, sensitive, loyal in love, wants to love and be loved,
> > > >> faithful and tender partner, very generous, many talents, loves
> > > >> children, needs affectionate partner.

Birch Tree (Inspiration) -- vivacious, attractive, elegant,friendly,
> > > >> unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the
> > > >> vulgar, loves lif! e in nature and in calm, not very passionate,
> > > >> full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content
> > > >> atmosphere.

Cypress Tree (Faithfulness) -- strong, muscular, adaptable,
> > > >> takes what life has to give but doesn't necessarily like it,
> > > >> strives to be content, optimistic, wants to be financially
> > > >> independent, wants love and affection, hates loneliness, passionate
> > > >> lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered at times,
> > > >> can be unruly and c! areless, loves to gain knowledge, needs to be
> > > >> needed.

Elm Tree (Noble-mindedness) -- pleasant shape, tasteful
> > > >> clothes, modest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful,
> > > >> likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes
> > > >> making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of
> > > >> humor, practical.

Fig Tree (Sensibility) -- very strong minded, a bit
> > > >> self-willed, honest, loyal, independent, hates contradiction or
> > > >> arguments, hard worker when wants to be, loves life and friends,
> > > >> enjoys children and animals, few sexual relationships, great s!
> > > >> ense of humor, has artistic talent and great intelligence.

Fir tree (Mysterious) -- extraordinary taste, handles stress
> > > >> well, loves anything beautiful, stubborn, tends to care for those
> > > >> close to them, hard to trust others, yet a social butterfly, likes
> > > >> idleness and laziness after long demanding hours at work, rather
> > > >> modest, talented, unselfish, many friends, very reliable.

Hornbeam Tree (Good Taste) -- of cool beauty, cares for its
condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable
as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for
kindness and acknowledgment in an emotional partner, dreams of
unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most
people, is never sure of its decisions, very conscientious.
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Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Subject:woot.. crazy shit
Time:6:22 pm.
20 DAYS 'TIL I'M RATED R (17)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear.. there's been some crazy shit happening lately... most of which I ain't spillin'

Bitches and hoes at yrbook (no offense).... they fucking messed up my picture... they put the wrong name underneath it! William Rick... so now I have friends calling me Billy.. EW! If I get alot of shit fo this tomarrow, there will be HELL to pay.

(sorry, I'm in a weird mood peoples)

Miss JFHS tonight.. should be fun.. damn Mike, Justin, and Cara for not being able to go! (lol jk)
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Time:10:46 pm.
Ok.. Sunday was definately THE BEST memorial day EVER. Abby came with my parents and I up to my aunt's. I figured it would be pretty uneventful. I mean there was the pool, badmitton and food but idk, I wasn't expecting much. So after a round of badmitton, and an unsuccessful toe-dip in the frezing pool, Ab and I go inside for drinks. The phone rings and I was kind of out of it and waited for my aunt to come inside and pick it up. I hear her tell the person on the other line to come on over. I ask her who it was and she says, "Friends of Patrick's." Now that definately caught my interest since, I mean Patrick is the cute jock type so that has to mean cute boys coming over.
Ab and I got back outside and start playing badmitton with clint, patrick, my dad, and uncle mike. Soon the "eye candy" arrives.. steve and greg hehe. Ab and I were like.. oh.. my.. god. Then they joined us in the game. Steve was on my team most of the time.. and he was definately the cutest of all.. and my age :)
Soon, Clint's best friend Matt arrives. He's ok but wearing glasses and his hair was a little long and stuff.. i was basically focused on the others. But soon, steve and greg had to leave. Matt, Ab, Clint, Patrick, and I all threw around a football then did some pitching/hitting. Finally, around twilight, Abby decides to try the pool again and I follow. She dunks and soon I do too (after wanting to kill her for splashing me before I was used to it). We see Matt and Ab's like "Matt, come in the pool with us!" Now, I didn't expect him to come in being used to my chicken cousins who never go in cold water.. but he did! Minus the glasses and shirt and with his hair wet and the big grin on his face.. he was rather cute. We spent forever trying to drown each other... mainly Ab and I jumping him and him grabing us and dunking us.. It was sooooooo awesome! Eventually, we did have to go home and Ab slept over which was fun. Monday was kinda boring but oh well.
Today sucked. Feely's test was WAYYY too long.. so long in act that I stayed 15 extra minutes, still didn't finish, and wasn't able to take my history test next period... on top of that sh givs us this long take home thing along with this stupid short story draft due tomarrow!! UGH And of course I couldn't get to it until 10 because of the awards ceremony then dinner. (I won an Excellence in Fairy tales and Folk Lit btw.. go me!)
So.. now I have to go do that fucked up hw... excuse the french :P
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Thursday, May 26th, 2005

Subject:This is just too damn funny
Time:7:10 pm.
You take a quiz and it makes you one of those is love ribbons and look what I got:
star trek is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

wil wheaton is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I find these entertaining.

-Saw Star Wars 3 <3 lan to see it again
-Journalism Day today was pretty cool.
-Painted some mural lol
-I think my rings feel out of my pocket after I put them there so they wouldn't get paint on them. If I don't find um.. I'm gonna get mad.
-boy troubles kinda.. but aren't there always some?
-Senior skip day tomarrow.. but since I'm a junior, I'm staying in school. Should be pretty cool. We're having greek food in history.
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Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Subject:SAT scores
Time:8:17 pm.
So.. I took the new SATs in May. The highest you can get is a 2400. What I wanna know is what is a good score between? I'm told I did pretty good by some friends bu no one seems to know what the average and good ranges are ugh. Well, least I know I passed the essay.. 8.. go me!
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Time:12:00 am.
So.. what's new?
- Shannon+Rob= cute! I'm soo happy for them.
- Speaking of guys ;) there's a prospect or two on my plate.. lol
- Abby and I had an awesome crazy sleepover... like walking in the rain to get ice cream lol
- Found out some interesting history between Abby and Rob.. tis a small world
- Apperantly, I won some sort of award at school!
- Prom was fun.. Post Prom was better.
- Poor Dawn :( operation is not looking fun
- Killed my knee on the stairs running late to hmrm
- got a myspace... in case any of you wanna add me
I'll let you know if I remember anything else :P
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Sunday, May 8th, 2005

Time:4:02 pm.
Wow.. so much has been happening...
-prom less than a week away.
-Shannon's move
-SATs (mentally draining piece of sh*t)
-report card (all As except a B)
-college planning (found out my class rank is 33 out of 262)
-going to the club and seeing Jeff from 98degrees and one of the people from Growing up Gotti
-Derek Jeter coming to school and s being on Oprah next Tues. (of course I looked like shit that day cuz I stayed up doing a Feely project until 3:30 that morning UGH)
-abbie's drama
-Colin stuff
-parent's 20th anniversary
-gettig a myspace
-Ryan telling me I shouldn't talk in ebonics even though I don't...often lol
-saw Ice Princess
-funny mall times
-cousin Steph's drama
-going to the zoo with friend Steph
-being obsessed with some of my old music
-beating the 100cc on Mario Kart
-Eisha's party+getting on the radio= fun times
-this shit is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

...if I remember anything else, I'll letch know
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Sunday, May 1st, 2005

Time:11:13 am.
OMG! This is too great...Not so inncent now, are we Miss Duff?

Serves her right for wearing that ugly purse!
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Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Time:10:18 pm.
Yesterday was awesome! Shannon came over and slept over. We went to the all and Jessie and Peter met us there for a little while. After they left, Shannon and I went to Filnene's and spent forever at Mac. I got some makeup which I might acually start using. *gasp* We stayed up talking and watching the Holy Grail and stuff. Later we were getting drinks by FYE and Kayle (sp?) came overand talked to us for a bit. Turns out she works as the Easter Bunny! That's kinda cool but that suit must be hot as hell.
This morning Shannon was bit by the knitting bug so we were knitting while watching Histoy of the World Part 1. (I just have to culture her in all thse classics. I also showed her some of the Monty Python sketches).
Now I g2g do a lovely report.ttyl.
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

Time:11:04 pm.
Well, I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I would. I was out tues-thursday with ear infections and a head cold. I went in today, friday, but felt queesy in 3rd period chem (gee thanks antibiotic) and went to the nurse and after an hr of waiting for my mom to get home, went home.

Lately I've found something fun to do that isn't vegging on toob. I go down to the basement and play MarioKart (the original one from Super Nintendo)while listening to some good ol' disney tunes on my karaoke machine, singing along. Tonight I found if you stand instead of sit while playing, it makes everything more inteesting cuz you can kinda move with the car and sway to the music and let your imagination soar. I found myself thinking of totally different things and still getting a best time. I also discovered a cool glitch but I'm not sure how I'm working it.

lalala so anyways. Prom's coming quick which scares me. Still so many details to work out.

Not much else to report. Till next time..
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Time:10:44 pm.
I hate that ass of a superintendent Fern! You'd think that when like practically EVERY school system in CT lets out early, he'd follow suite BUT NO! Then what do we get? A FLASH BLIZZARD. I'm walking down a SUPER icy hill while being blinded and poked in the eyes with snowflakes... even though I wore my glasses! But no, Why the hell would we ever need to get out early? That drunk of an ex-superintendent Kramer would have made a better choice!

So anyway, not too much to update really. Well, that's a lie. I have been prom dress hunting and found a dress that fits me perfectly that will be my back up prom/ catilian dress. The search will still continue though.

Oh, and then there was Eastover.. talk about a blast! I won $45 dollars at BINGO. lol And then that totally hott lifeguard Seth that started flirting with me! That was great. Too bad he wasn't working the rest of the weekend.

As I think I mentioned, Abbie came to Foran and she has the same lunch wave and a locker in my hall. You have no idea how awesome it is to have her around! I just feel bad she got Stengel :P

Talked to Jen the other day. I think we might hang out this weekend. I haven't seen her since fall. I remember how I was like in tears when I found out she wasn't going to Foran. Oh well, at least we've kept in touch.

Jessie and Peter have reached like there 2 month anniversary or something so congrads to them! Shannon got out of her "funk" as we called it lol and she found a date to prom. Good for her!

I should seriously call Andy. I've been in a phone funk. Everytime I think "I should call _______" I get lazy and don't lol. I've been getting called alot though. That's always nice and you dont have to dial a pesky number :P

Ok, sleep time. G'night.
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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Time:11:25 pm.
EEEEEEEEEK! I AM SO HAPPY!!! ABBIE IS COMING TO FORAN!!!! Now I'll have my TWO best friends of all time with me! You have NO idea how completely wonderful I feel right now! I'd be jumping up and down if I could right now. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D *happiness*
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